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'Sp'ectrum-'An'alyzer-Plugin für den VDR

Ein Plugin, das PCM-Daten von anderen Plugins (z.B. mp3ng bzw. bei music bereits von Hause aus integriert) empfangen und auswerten kann, so dass es anderen Plugins das Abrufen der Frequenzdaten und Darstellen eines 'Sp'ectrum 'An'alyzers ermöglicht.
Es soll als eine Art Middleware zwischen den Datenquell-Plugins und Visualisierungs-Plugins dienen, um eine generische Schnittstelle anzubieten, die es ermöglicht, eine Visualisierung auf allen möglichen Ausgabegeräten darzustellen (OSD, lcd, graphlcd, framebuffer, etc.).

Kleine Skizze der Architektur:
| Datenquelle schickt PCM-Daten ---> | SpAn-Plugin | >--- Visualisierungs-Clients holen sich die Spektren-Daten ab "und machen was schickes draus" |

Programmiert und getestet ist es für VDR-1.4.3 mit FF-DVB-s 2MB und VDR 1.4.5 mit Softdevice (xv).
Wäre super, wenn Rückmeldungen über andere VDR-Versionen gemeldet würden (bitte auf

A plugin that can receive PCM-data from other plugins (e.g. mp3ng or already included in music resp.) to compute frequency-data and to provide them to other plugins to display a 'Sp'ectrum 'An'alyzer.
It is meant as a kind of middleware between these providers and clients to be as generic as needed to be able to implement the visualisation on all kinds of output-devices (OSD, lcd, graphlcd, framebuffer, etc.).
Sketch of the architecture:
| Data-provider sends PCM-data ---> | SpAn-plugin | >--- Visualization-clients request the spectrum-data "making handsome out of it" |
Programmed and tested on VDR-1.4.3 with a FF-DVB-s 2MB and VDR-1.4.5 with Softdevice (xv).
Feedback about executability on other versions are warmly welcome (please post on

Weitere Informationen stehen in der README(.de).
See README(.de) for further information.

Announcement of the first MP3ng-Version with SpAn-support, for usage with span > 0.0.1 you will need the patch provided in the span-archive.


2008-08-13: Version 0.0.7
- Cleaned up the translation.
- Added italian translations. Thanks to 'VDR "Diego" Italian' for providing them.
- Switched to gettext for internationalization (vdr >= 1.5.7 required).

2007-05-03: Version 0.0.6
- Fixed visualization after pausing and starting playback again.
Thanks to Morone for pointing out this one.

2007-03-23: Version 0.0.5
- Introduced a new setup parameter "Visualization delay (in ms)" to correct the gap when visualization is done way too early (e.g. when using softdevice).

2007-03-19: Version 0.0.4
- Changed the way PCM16-providers interact with SpAn (all providers must adapt
the changes) - thx to Stefan Huelswitt for the suggestions and support.
Only really visualized data is now being processed by the FFT, resulting
in the positive side-effect that the CPU load of SpAn is slightly decreased.
As to that change the define SPAN_SET_PCM_DATA_ID has now changed either to
- Updated the patches for mp3, cdda, graphlcd.
- Thanks to Morone there is no patch needed for his latest music-plugin =
"The Amazing Plugin Formerly Known As Mp3ng" (TAPFKAM).

2006-09-08: Version 0.0.3
- Bars falling completely now when pausing the replay
- Updated the patches for mp3ng*

2006-09-07: Version 0.0.2
- Implemented bar peaks (used in the graphlcd-patch and mp3ng).
- Therefore a change in the protocol "Span-GetBarHeights-v1.0" was neccessary, please adopt the changes. In this early stage the protocol version number is not increased.
- Slightly modified the management of clients and providers (for better performance).
- Modified the algorithm to calculate the bar heights and introduced some "default- optimizations" (for 16/20/32 bands) to make the spectrum look "more intuitive".
- Introduced the MainMenuAction that displays service-providers and their status.
- Introduced two new service protocols to be able to display service-providers and their status:
"Span-ProviderCheck-v1.0" and "Span-ClientCheck-v1.0"
All plugins (pcm-providers- and visualization-client-plugins) should implement
them in order to inform the user about the capabilities of each plugin.
Have a look at the README to get to know how to use them.
- Added patches to the "patches" folder:
for mp3ng-0.9.13-MKIV-pre3-span.diff (enabling it to provide pcm-data and to do the visualization)
for lcdproc-0.0.10 (enabling it to do the visualization - tested only on 4x20 chars)
for cdda-0.1.0 (enabling it to provide pcm-data to span)
for graphlcd-0.1.3 (enabling it to do the visualization - tested only on 128*64px)
for mp3ng-0.0.10-alpha (enabling it to display the peaks)

2006-08-30: Version 0.0.1
- Initial revision.

Copyright 2006 theonlychriss. All Rights Reserved.
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